The Author and Friend


-----My buddy is a cute, well-behaved and very smart duck. He kept me company when we went to Yellowstone last summer with my grandparents, sister and her friend, Clarence, Jr. ---------- Kate Soulliere----- -----


We woke up to the sun's call, which is way too early for anyone to be awake, and Kate agreed with me. But we decided not to ruin it for everybody else so we acted sweet and nice.

Me and Kate using lots of will power


It was a little boring waiting in the car for twenty million hours...


But at least we had snacks along the way!


It seemed like midnight when we got to the boat, and Kate was ready to fall asleep!


Ok, I admit it. Kate wasn't the only one tired.


I didn't want to fall asleep so I had some soda to boost my energy.


Finally, it was morning and I drank some coffee.


After that, we went on a boat ride. Clarence and I took turns steering.


When we came back, I decided to take a dive.


I was kind of wet and kind of cold when we came inside, but luckily they had a few towels my size on the boat.


I always thought I was a lot bigger than a bison, but when I went to the ranger station, I found out that I was wrong. Oh, well. I'm positive I'm still stronger than one!


Then, we went to the diner. I met an old buddy and had a chat with him.


Kate says reading makes you smarter, so that's what I did when we got home.


The next day, we decided to see some geysers. Here I am next to a mudpot.


Then we went back to the boat. Clarence and I played with ropes while grandpa and grandma fixed lunch. I got tied up a little!

We had so much fun in Yellowstone, time just flew by! Well,

All I can say is little people can have a lot of fun!

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