Delta Marina Beautified With C-Dorys


Launch: Delta Marina, Rio Vista

Nearby campsites: There is RV camping right at the marina

Comments: This is a nice marina, with a good ramp, and access directly into the Sacramento River just above its junction with the San Joaquin River.


-----This was another special weekend with the C-Dory family. There were six boats gathered at the marina, and El and I arrived in our camper since our boat was up in the Sierra foothills. ----

-----We had some nice visiting together before the evening BBQ. My, what a great feed -- fresh caught salmon, t-bone steaks grilled to perfection, baked potatoes, salad and even ice cream to go with the cherry pie and cake. Dinner was officially over with the traditional canon salute provided by Jim on Pounder. As the smoke settled and the shock waves echoed back from the Sierra, we slipped back to the docks to avoid the traditional arrival of police. Nobody came, so we guess the folks at Rio Vista are now familiar with the C-Dory canon salute. We had a fine time visiting on the docks on into the night.

-----C-Dory folks, wherever we have met, are a special breed and certainly the Northern California owners uphold the standard.


Talking Boats and Fishing


Evening Activities -- Eating, Sharing, and Jim Blasting the Traditional Cannon


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