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Launch: Wahweap Marina

Nearby campsites: Wahweap Campground

Comments: Eateries we enjoyed in Page: Stromboli for Italian (El especially recommends the Pesto Pizza; Dam Bar and Grill (the Chicken and Prime Rib were especially good) is recommended by locals as the best restaurant in town. If you eat at the Wahweap Lodge, say "hi" to Lori, the head waitress, for us. She's great.


-----What a great time together! Ken, on Vivien C, did the organizing and planning for the Gathering, and a fine job he did! Our first evening together, we tied off together on "H" dock and had a little shoreside libation to celebrate the good sense of the crowd -- we have such good taste in boats. Then, it was off to Stromboli for some good Italian cooking and boating conversation.


-------------------------------------------------------Barb, Dick, El, Bill, Chris, Ken, and Bill

-----After a leisurely breakfast, we headed off to Glen Canyon Dam to have our first "group" experience on Lake Powell. Due to the drought in the Southwest, the lake was down almost 100 feet below full level. Consequently, the dam was tall even on the upstream side.

-----We then proceeded to the true beauty of Lake Powell - the canyons! We weaved our way up into Antelope Canyon, narrow and sinuous with the low lake level. Stripes of desert varnish formed painted tapestries on the sandstone walls. What a backdrop for our boats! Our resident geologist ranted on over the VHF about dinosaurs, sand dunes, and such.

----- --

Rana Verde, Vivien C and Sea Shanty

----While most continued exploring canyons, a few returned to the marina to welcome the other arrivals. Soon, we were all gathered again on "H" dock sharing experiences, boat ideas, and general thoughts about life on the water -- as well as sundowners. We had such a good time together, that the shared nibbles of Ken's fresh-caught striper sufficed for supper for most of us.

----- The next morning dawned gray and windy. Some intrepid souls headed out to Labyrinth Canyon or fishing. Others remained ashore visiting. Later in the day, as dusk (and rain) threatened, we trundled off together to The Dam Bar and Grill for our shared Saturday night dinner. We had a marvelous time visiting and chowing down on Page's best cusine, while the storm raged outside. After dessert, the rain stopped and we finally hauled ourselves away from the good time together, and headed back to "home" on the "H" dock.


-----Sunday was the Gathering's cruise together. Led by our local guides, Les and Helen on Starfish, we cruised up the lake to Rainbow Bridge National Monument -- and what a sight it is. After a picnic out on the dock, we headed over to Dangling Rope for the "traditional" ice cream while the skippers refueled. Sadly, although El had inaugurated the first ice cream of the Dangling Rope '03 season a week earlier, the machine had been knocked out of commission by the rain and wind of the previous evening, so we satiated our need with candy bars. Then, we set out for the primo sight of Lake Powell -- the Escalante River and its canyons. What a treat! We anchored on a sandbar in Fifty-Mile Canyon, beneath the imposing Rincon Amphitheatrer. Fred supplied the firewood and everyone contributed to the comradeship. It was a marvelous evening under the stars, with fire crackling and wine flowing.



-Tom Cat, Camp at 50-Mile, and Sea Shanty-


Campfire and the Morning After

---------Dawn found us munching on a fresh-caught striper (and egg) breakfast supplied by the aptly-named Fish Tales. During the day, we "discovered" the beauties of The Cathedral in the Desert (El's favorite spot on Lake Powell) and mysterious La Gorce Arch. Sundown fell on the crew, sipping wine on the sand spit, in Fifty Mile.


Striper---- -------------------------Fish and Eggs

-----The next day, we divided up, due to time demands, and set out on our various ways and routes back to Wahweap Marina. -Oh -- for those of you who remember the account of our last trip on Lake Powell, our friendly resident mouse found our boat again. On our last night in the canyons he joined us for another gourmet feed -- and reunion.

----- The last of us, at the Gathering, enjoyed a final breakfast on Thursday -- after a marvelous shared week. El and I reluctantly parted company with the lake on Friday, after a month of cruising through those outstanding canyons.


Roger, Bill, P.J., El, Dick and Barbara---


Debbie, Dave, Casey, Sandy, Fred and Bowie


Ken, Les, Helen, Bill, and Chris


The Lake Powell Gathering is a treasure to cherish!---


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