Launch: H. S. Truman State Park. There is an excellent boat ramp with ample parking (during off-season).

Nearby campsites: Right in the State Park.

Comments: Truman Reservoir is the largest flood control lake in Missouri. A slightly larger run-of-the-river reservoir, Lake of the Ozarks, adjoins Truman. There are Corps of Engineers access ramps to each lake within a few miles of each other at Warsaw, MO.


------The Osage River flows along the north flank of the Ozark Dome, adjacent to the rolling prairie lands of the Great Plains. Blocked now by the Harry S. Truman dam, lake waters have spread through the valley of the Osage and its tributaries creating one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in Missouri. Rocky bluffs overhang the water, rugged hills rise above, and a hardwood oak forest covers the landscape creating eye-filling beauty. There is excellent fishing amid the drowned forest land, intentionally left for fish habitat. Wildlife abounds, with deer and turkeys perhaps the most interesting to watch from anchor.

------Thirty thousand years ago, during the Ice Ages, a spruce forest covered this land. Paleontologists digging in spring bogs along the Pomme de Terre, a tributary stream, have found the bones of Pleistocene megafauna. These include giant beavers, huge ground sloths larger than grizzly bears, mastodon to dwarf present-day elephants, monstrous musk oxen, and tapirs the size of hereford bulls.


------The earliest humans in this area were probably the Clovis Culture, hunting the megafauna perhaps to extinction. The first European to describe the region was Marquette, but the first expedition to explore the area was that of Charles Du Tisne in 1719, who named the river for the resident Osage Indians. The Osage River later became a part of the Santa Fe Trail, a trade route from St. Louis to Santa Fe. European settlers first moved to the area in the early 1830's, using the river as the primary avenue of travel and trade.

------The town of Warsaw grew in the late 1830's, linked to the east and west by the Butterfield Stage Line. In the 1870's, the Younger brothers and James gangs moved through the area. John Younger was killed in a shoot-out with Pinkerton agents in the area.


The Youngers and Jesse James

------Warsaw is a great little town, that annually, in October, celebrates its past. We arrived at just the right time to enjoy the festivities.


'Our' Little House in the Ozarks


'Our' Neighbors, Making Music and Sorghum


------Southern mid-continent geology is described in the thread titled, 'Ark Rocks.' Truman Reservoir lies on the north flank of the Ozark Dome, so the rocks are mostly flat-lying ancient limestones deposited in the shallow sea that covered most of interior North America in the early Paleozoic, 300 million years ago.


Flat-lying Limestones, and a Pot Hole (Eroded by the Swirling Waters of the Osage River)


Rock Hound, Fossil Crinoids (Animals from 300 my ago), and Pebble Pups

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