Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island


Launch: Squalicum Harbor has an excellent ramp and is one of our favorite marinas anywhere.

Nearby campsites: Larrabee State Park is a few miles distant.

CMany boaters seem to believe that Labor Day is the end of the 'boating season.' Actually, we believe it is the beginning of one of the most delightful times on the water, almost everywhere.


CFall is delightful and perhaps our favorite season. Family summer vacations are over and the recreation sites are quiet. The air has a little bite and the trees are turning. The migrating birds are gathering for the flight south. For those of us who spend much of our time on the water, that means rafts of ducks, geese and shorebirds. As I write this, geese are gathering around us, seemingly chatting about departure times and debating the best routes to southern climes. So are we.

CWeather is different every year, and this is part of the excitement of fall. Some years are special, and others wash out. With the snug environment of a small boat with a cabin and heater, we can adapt to changes, but there is nothing to compare with the glory of 'typical' fall days.

CThis year, 2007, we debated where to be for fall. We began on the lakes in northern Idaho, where we had a delightful time visiting with resident moose. Then, after talking about alternatives on fresh water farther east, we decided to return to one of our favorite cruising areas, the Pacific Northwest, and specifically the San Juan Islands. Later we will cross the pond to have late fall along the Adriatic.

COur choice of the San Juans turned out to be a great decision. The early fall weather has been marvelous this year, and we would like to share some photos and memories.

Times with Friends

COne of the great joys of cruising and living on a boat is the time spent with friends. There is a filter that seems to work for folks traveling by boat. They are often more willing to accept changing conditions, a degree of discomfort, and they usually possess an unusual amount of youthful curiosity.


Barry in Shallow Bay; Jim and Bill

Great Cruising and Anchoring



A Rare Photo - Bellingham Bay - Flat Calm with Steam Rising Vertically From Power Plant




Heading South

On the Road With the Other Snowbirds - Tundra and Halcyon

(09 - 09)

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