Halcyon and Pelican


Launch: Kentucky Dam Marina, Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, Paducah, Kentucky. Steep ramp; use the left side facing the lake. Can short-term park in the lot; long term there is secured parking for a moderate fee.

Nearby campsites: A few miles away in the same State Resort Park, or The Land Between the Lakes.

Comments: This is a good starting place for the lakes and both rivers.



-----We had met Marge and Tom on the C-Dory site. We emailed back and forth about cruising ideas on the Kentucky lakes, marinas, and ramps. Local knowledge is priceless for us nomadic cruisers. We followed their suggestions and decided, after our cruise up the Cumberland, to join for a long weekend of tandem cruising.

-----Cruising down the Cumberland on the appointed day, the VHF hailed, "Halcyon. Halcyon. This is Pelican." There are few sounds to rival the happy greeting from nice folks.

"This is Pelican"

-----There are many different boats on these big rivers - they range from 75-foot megayachts to homemade 'cabins' on pontoons - but none, absolutely none (in our biased opinion), are better looking than a C-Dory. It was marvelous to watch Pelican coming up lake. We circled each other shouting greetings, like two C-Dogs sniffing each other. Off we went, following Marge and Tom into Dry Creek for an anchorage for the night. We hooked near each other and sidled over to raft off. Whee-ooo, as they say in these parts. They're not only good folks but Marge and Tom are great creative cooks - Chalupas for four!


-----We had a lazy morning for visiting. Then, about 10:00, we pulled hooks and headed out. It's great following the wake of another C-Dory on a glorious fall cruise. After fueling and continuing farther south on the lake they guided us into an old quarry, flooded by the high waters of the lake. Incredible -- the walls were filled with artistic graffiti.


-----Around the corner, we hooked in Pisgah Creek for the night. We played the game, Tell it Like It Is. Each person answers interesting questions in an open and accepting fashion. It provides interesting insight into folks, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other better.

-----The next morning the sun rose through the mist. We were off at 0900, heading southerly. We stopped at KenLake State Park, tied off, and had a good buffet lunch in their dining room looking down onto the lake.

               Heading South                                   The Four of Us at KenLake (and Friend)

-----What a way to end a great day -- swinging on the hooks in Piney Bay, tummys full of Tom's barbecued pork chops, and chatting with good folks. The next morning, we split tacks. They headed home to Paducah and we turned southerly to cruise to the headwaters of the Tennessee. So ended the First Gathering of Kentucky Lake C-Dorys.

A Suicidal C-Dory? Nope, Just Sharing the Channel


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