Tom, Marge, Bill, El and Pat


Launch: We launched at Wind Creek State Park, Lake Martin.

Nearby campsites: Camp on the lake right at the State Park.

Comments: Great Gathering at Sinclair's


-----The first email we received from Pat had a great subject heading - 'C-Dory in 'Bama'. His letter said, "Got your message about the Black Warrior cruise and wish I had seen it earlier. I would love to meet you and the other C-Dory owners." Thus was born the idea of a C-Dory Gathering.

-----The C-Dory owners site had once again struck gold. Pat had read our inquiry for information about Alabama rivers and he rose to the bait like a big 'bama bass after a Wiggle Worm. We exchanged a barrage of emails and Pat shared all he had learned from his time on Jabez, his '97 16' cruiser. Shortly after we arrived in Demopolis to rejoin our Halcyon, a packet was hand-delivered to the yacht basin - all the maps Pat had gathered on Alabama Rivers and lakes and the Quimby Cruising Guide.

-----Marge and Tom, and their 22' cruiser Pelican, were the hosts of the First Kentucky C-Dory Rendezvous held fall '01on Kentucky Lake. They had worked their busy schedules to open a slot for a tandem Black Warrior cruise. Unfortunately, Pat had used up his vacation time on a marvelous trip around Australia and New Zealand (we feel sorry for him, right?), so was unable to join us for the Black Warrior cruise.

-----However, he had suggested that the four of us should head over to Lake Martin after completing our cruise on the Black Warrior. "You won't be disappointed," were his words. So we did and we weren't. And, the best part of that cruise, was Pat coming over to join us and our friends Marge and Tom . We shared a fine time together.

-----He was our genial guide on the lake and we shared a marvelous lunch at Simpson's. Thus, he managed to organize the First Annual Alabama C-Dory Gathering.


The Rendezvous: Pelican and Halcyon, old C-Dory friends, nose to nose. And the Gathering, Tom & Marge, El & ol' Kaw Liga (as a stand-in for Bill) and 'bama host Pat


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