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My story begins in the suitcase
of my friend, Sarah. Little did I know
that my journey was about to begin.


To get to Yellowstone Sarah said
It took 12 hours but I'm sure it was
More like 12,000 hours.


But luckily we had chips to munch on.

When we finally arrived in Yellowstone
it was dark. We had to walk on a dock
to get to the boat. The dock was scary
we were surrounded by water!


When we got in the boat I curled up in my sleeping bag and fell asleep.

We woke up way too early. It was 42º and I
had to put on my sweater. Then I got hot
cocoa and slowly warmed up.

Grandpa let me drive the boat! But
I told him the navigator wasn't working
but he said it was just confusing.

We had the best tuna ever for lunch,
And I even got to stir it.

Next, I got to learn how to tie a cleat,
it was hard!


There are very beautiful views off the dock. Kate even saw a deer!

Grandma even brought Canada Dry,
my favorite drink! I love Grandma!

I have a picture of me and the
captain (Grandpa)!


Kate made me and Ducky
matching ponchos.

When it was too sunny Grandpa
let me borrow some cool sun glasses.

For dinner I had lettuce, the lettuce
was still growing! It was good!

This is amazing! I've never seen anything
like this before! It makes everything


I love the ranger station, it's full of
big juicy bones. I had to be sneaky so
no one spotted me!


When everyone walked down the
stairs, I slid instead!


The ranger station also had cool
Lifejackets I could try on!

Now I'm an official C-dory Dog
Because I have a C-dory hat.


I got to see a really cool mud pie! It smelled
Like rotten eggs. (It's actually called mud pot).


I saw a volcano thing made out of hot water
Called Old Faithful.


We saw steam water that was called a geyser.
The name of the geyser was Cliff Geyser.

In the morning, me and Ducky played checkers. It
Was a long game, but I won!


After a big day, we saw a beautiful sunset.

My friend, Sarah


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