Launch:--AA small ramp, more suitable for rafts and canoes, exists near the Two Medicine store. No vessels with more than 10 hp are allowed on the three lakes of Two Medicine.

Nearby campsites:--Thirteen miles from East Glacier is the Two Medicine campground, a quiet location with many pull-through sites to 'camp' with your truck, trailer and boat.

Comments: --Located on the shore of Two Medicine Lake stands what used to be the Two Medicine Chalet built by the Great Northern Railway. It now serves as a camp store and gift shop, and is a registered historic landmark. Shuttle service, boat tours, and Red Bus tours can be found at Two Medicine.


The End of Two Perfect Days

CCT"These past two days have been perfect," El said as we relaxed in the cockpit of Halcyon with a sundowner. We were in the campground at Two Medicine Lakes, as beautiful a campground in the mountain terrane as you could wish. We started yesterday with a bear."

CCT"Then we were able to make the difficult launch into Saint Mary Lake and were rewarded with one of the most amazing mountain spectacles we have yet seen on the boat - a beautifully still day of tranquility and refelections."

CCT"In the afternoon, we had an easy border crossing into Canada and a marvelous cruise through one of Canada's most beautiful natural parks - and the storm slipped by to the south of us, so we had no problem with either wind or rain."

CCT"Then a fine campsite, under clear skies, in Waterton for the night."

CCT"It was an easy crossing back into the US today, and then your marvelous suggestion of heading to Many Glacier Lodge for midday meal - what a memory trip to share from your childhood - and a great meal."

CCT"And here we are, tucked into the bear bushes in a beautiful campground. Sure can't beat these past two days for a perfect 'vacation.' Where to for tomorrow?" Her grin spread across her face.


CCT"Who knows, but for now let's take a stroll down to the lakeshore to see the sunset - maybe there'll be a moose."


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