Launch: Squalicum Harbor, Bellingham, WA

Comments: Our grandkids have been cruising with us since before (some) could walk. This is a tale from summer '09 with a kid and three grandkids cruising in the San Juan Islands.


- -----iOur grandkids have shared some wonderful times with us cruising. They have cruised in Florida, the Rideau and Erie Canals, the Gulf Islands, Alaska, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Powell, Lake Champlain, and multiple times in the San Juan Islands of Washington. A C-Dory 22 is a small boat. Some folks (rightly, for them) think it is too small for two people to comfortably cruise for extended periods. What about with kid and grandkids?

- -----iWell, when the kids were young, it was easy for their parent and two little ones to share the v-berth and El and I slept in the cabin on the 'spare' bed and cabin sole. As the kids grew up, they moved to the cabin sole or to a cot in the cockpit (a 'find' in Ketchikan that quickly became Bryce's pad).

- -----iThis trip, with our son and three grown grandkids, we slept in the v-berth and our family slept ashore in tents on islands that are all or part State Marine Parks.


- -----"Now where, Grandma?" The query came aboard Halcyon, from a grandkid. We had been cruising on Lake Powell in late Spring, in the company of our son, Brad and two grandkids, and it was getting warm in southern Utah.

Making Plans in Utah - El and Ami - "You want to go where?"

- -----i"How about back to the Pacific NW? And, after our family camp trip to Sunset Crater, let's see if we can snag Ty to come along with us," El said with that usual twinkle in her eyes that the grandkids love. Ty is a grandkid from our middle kid's family, and our camping trip is an annual gathering of kids and grandkids, for a week, each year in a different locale.

- -----i"Good, Grandma - Ty's a good cruising companion," came from Bryce who had cruised with Ty the summer before up in the San Juan Islands. Ty had been excited to join us since early spring when thoughts of summer cruising were 'hatching.' So it was set. This year Ami, Bryce, Ty, and our son Brad would join us in the Pacific NW - six on the boat!

- -----iWe trailered north heading for Washington, and camped along the way.

- -

Temporary Home On the Shore of Great Salt Lake; Lunch Time on the Boat (in Macy's Parking Lot); On the Oregon Trail


- -----iA marvelous transformation takes place on a boat - relative ages disappear. Grandparents, parents, kids all are involved in the same activities. The cultural distinctions that separate the ages ashore quickly disappear. This is a wonderful time to all respect and enjoy each other as equals.

- -


- - -

Exploring; Appealing Trek?; On the Loose

-i- -

Tide Pooling

- - -

Visiting and Sharing

- -----iWe were together for the 4th of July, so following a 'tradition' of the past few years we headed over to Fisherman's Cove off Lopez Island to watch the fireworks. This time, however, it was going to be a challenge to figure how to find sleeping room for six on the boat, since there are no public camping grounds near Lopez accessible late at night. A call from C-Cakes however solved the dilemma. "OK if the boys sleep over here with us tonight?"

- -----iWhat a great invitation from Barry and Patti! The boys watched the fireworks from the best 'seat in the house' - in the dinghy atop the C-Cakes cabin and one lad slept up there and the other in the cockpit. The remaining four of us slept in our boat, so the problem was solved.

- -

Checking out the Quarters; Let the Show Begin; Yahoo!


Animal Watching(bcf photos) - Curious Coon; Inching Along; Marking Territory

- -

Eating and Cooking

- -

Reading and Gaming


- -

Paddling and Fishing; Crash Landing

- -

Watching Sunsets

- -----iIf you hear folks say "This generation is going to the dogs" DON'T believe them. Simply say, "Put 'em on a boat - go cruising with them." They will be your best friends for life and will grow to be adults you, your kids, and our country will be proud of.



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