By Bertha Gresh, local resident in her 80's


-----"There is life in the country, that the town folk never know."


-----Some folks have been curious about where us homeless folks call home. Well, first of all, it is important to understand that we aren't homeless - merely, houseless. We have two homes, one of which floats and the other has wheels. Now that's a real advantage if the neighbors get noisy or the IRS gets nosey. Here is a picture to show our floating home, Halcyon, 'at home,' and one that shows our Casita, also 'at home.'


-----Now, curiosity might force you to ask (if you have curiosity and the gumption to ask), where in the world is 'at home?' Our answer would be Nelson, Nevada. Now, if you were persistent, and some friends (and even some who aren't friends - IRS take note) might follow up that answer with another question, "Where in the 50 (or other substitute words) is that?" Well, that takes a longer answer.

-----Way down at the posterior end of Nevada, about where one would insert an enema to purge the state of politicians, there is a wrinkle of mountains. Arizona and California squeeze in (politically, socially, and geologically) against that pinched bottom of Nevada and fold it into a real pucker. Earthquakes have ripped that region, volcanoes have blasted it with white-hot ash falls that seared everything (even rock), rushing rivers have flooded and jumped course across the lowest depressed fold, lava flows have buried the land, and flash floods have scoured deep ravines and canyons. Nelson, like any renegade, has jumped across state lines at least three times, and countries twice.

-----In summer, it's dry as a rattlesnake's breath and hot as the hinges. In winter, it's so dry the rattlesnakes barely breathe at all and the thermometer alternates between TH/TC (too hot/too cold) to register. For amusement, our kids used to pit scorpions against each other to see which one would win. Their Connecticut Grandma came to visit, and our 4-year-old daughter asked her if she would like to see her pet. It took a precious pail of water to revive Grandma, when the kid came out to show Grandma her pet - who was five-inches across, brown and hairy, had 78 eyes and eight legs - crawling up her skinny white arm - a Tarantula.

----- Nelson is deep in Eldorado Canyon, where, according to local historian Donna Andress, the Native American Irataba first revealed the source of the shiny golden metal he had fashioned into trinkets. Millions of dollars, and not a few deaths later, the mining camps played out. Queho, a renegade fellow, had done in a few Nelsonites and was never brought to justice, hiding out in the numerous caves and crevices. His ghost still haunts residents. Oh, 27 (25, when we're on the boat) hardy souls live in this ghost town today.

-----We like to share life in Nelson with others, and pictures say a thousand words.


Our Police Force ----------First Amendment Right in Nelson


Nelson Public Facilities and Senior Center (by Cliff Segerblom)


Nelson Visitor Center and our Art Gallery

Public Water District


Nelson Power Company and our Street Lighting

Post Office


The Mayor & Head Councilman


Town Garden


Auto Licensing Bureau (Also a One-Holer, as Needed)

Our Nuclear Accelerator

Mini-Storage Facility

Dog Pound

Wireless Communication Center

Internet Service Provider

Drug Store

Cat House (After all, this is Nevada)

Town Doctor


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