Middle Bay Light - A Lighthouse Screwed into the Mud - a la Chesapeake


"The Great Horseshoe"

-----Mobile Bay is the bottom portion of the western limb of The Great Horseshoe. This is a salty voyage.


-----Mobile Bay is a big body of water. It requires the utmost respect on the part of a small boat skipper. Strong southeasterlies, or even worse, a powerful 'norther,' can create a tempest of the bay. The water is shallow and instantly responds to an increase in wind speeds by raising a short high chop. El and I have a Coast Guard commendation -- the result of a solo sailor who thought it was possible to navigate the bay without charts and in the face of an approaching storm. We were a part of the rescue operation that resulted in the Coast Guard terminating the skipper's voyage and impounding the sailboat. Be careful!

-----The Perdido Bay and Gulfshores areas of Alabama, that lie to the east of Mobile Bay along the GIWW, have fine marinas or anchorages. Drop a hook or tie off, munch oysters, and wait out the wind. We have also used a fine cove in Dauphin Island, on the GIWW at the west end of the Bay, for the same purpose. Southbounders out of the Port of Mobile will find the marinas and restaurants along Dog River a marvelous alternative to being pounded in heavy weather.


                    Oooh, So Much Good Seafood, So Little Time                            The Catcher

                         Salty Ship Coming Down the Channel                 Line up the Range Marks for Easy Navigating

Mobile from the Mobile River


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