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Launch: Smallwood State Park. Beautiful ramp and marina, on the Potomac, just 20 miles to the south of the Washington, DC.

Nearby campsites: Right at the park.

Comments: This is a boater-friendly park, and the ideal place to access the Potomac. There is safe long-term parking for tow rig and trailer (or boat) behind a locked gate. The campground is beautiful and yet you are close to the District.


------It is always a bit of a chore, when you are a nomadic cruiser, finding a good ramp with safe parking for the truck and trailer. Sometimes a guidebook, the C-Dog Internet site, or a new boating acquaintance steers us to the ramp. Other times, like this time, it is dumb luck. A brown sign with an anchor, beside the road, said 'Smallwood State Park.' We drove in and discovered the perfect launch site.---

-----Even without Washington anchoring the northern reach, the Potomac is a delightful cruise in its own right. The Virginia/Maryland landscape is pleasing and most impressive seen from the river. There are many great anchorages, good towns to explore, and some just plain nice water to cruise.


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