Launch: Wahweap Marina, not far from Page, AZ

Nearby campsites: Park service camp just above the marina.

Comments: This is the most outstanding canyon cruising in the US. Summer is crowded; spring and fall are delightful seasons; winter is chilly, lonely, and wonderful. A month is not too long for cruising and exploring the secret recesses of this recreation area.

      The first fresh water beneath our Halcyon's hull was Colorado River water on Lake Powell - and it has been some of the most outstanding and memorable water anywhere. Halcyon was here in 2000, 2003 and 2004. We have written tales of our visits: Time and the River, NeighborsLakes of the ColoradoRare Bird, Beauty and the Beast, Lake Powell '00, Lake Powell '03, and this tale.

      Our visit here in April and May of 2004 began as a small gathering: Pat and Jon (on the raft Silverstreak), Sandy and Casey (Naknek) and Chris (Rana Verde). Chris had scheduled extra time so we had a lengthy and delightful cruise together.


Silverstreak                                         Naknek                                           Rana Verde

      Pat and Jon created a first: on a warm sunny beach, deep in Navajo Canyon, they produced ice cream from their pack to share with all.

Ice Cream in a Canyon

      Naknek had a native Arizonan (Sandy) on board and there was another first: her first time on Lake Powell. Chris created a marvelous setting for a tourmaline that he found in San Diego County. El made Pad Thai, and Bill finished off our last campfire, at a lonely anchorage far up West Canyon, with a bang - firecrackers left over from the Fourth of July in Wrangell, AK. What a time on Lake Powell. Pictures tell the story:




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