-----We don't like superlatives- you know, the world's biggest this, or most beautiful that. Perhaps we have simply been around so long, and heard that hype so often, that our automatic, built-in crap detector, says, "Whoa - that's baloney," or something like that.

-----Now that we have your detectors turned off, here goes:

-----Lake Powell offers (arguably) the most spectacular fresh water boating on the continent. It is the second largest man-made lake in the US. It is 185 miles from Glen Canyon Dam to the inflowing Colorado River (a somewhat greater distance than twice the breadth of Connecticut [that's for El's sake - she loves comparisons to her home state]). There are 1,947.456 miles of shoreline (more than Lake Superior). It has more fresh water than the entire state of Texas (but not as much hot air). It is home to more Stripers than the Atlantic Ocean (oh, oh! Went too far with that one, eh?). Etc, Etc ad nauseum.

-----Enough of that stuff. Simply put, Lake Powell is spectacular boating and if you haven't been here with your boat yet, put it on the calendar, even if it won't be for thirty more years. Don't forget this place when you're wondering where to spend your boating holiday. But, please, give yourself some time. It is a big lake and there are so many marvelous places to explore (and so many hi-IQ fish to catch). We have been into (and back out, which not everyone can say) of virtually every side canyon on Lake Powell. Everyone has favorites, and we have ours. If you have lots of time at the lake, and love to do your own exploring, forget this next sentence. If you're time-limited (and aren't we all?), we think these canyons are the crème de la crème to cruise with our small boats: Driftwood, Anasazi, and Slick Rock. In the Escalante River drainage, don't miss Clear Creek and Davis. Other special canyons we would love to share with you are: Antelope, Navajo, Upper Warm Creek, Upper Rock Creek, Wetherill, Mountain Sheep, Little Arch, Cathedral, Reflection, Llewellyn Gulch, Forgotten, Annie's, and Lost Eden.

-----We believe pictures show nature's grandeur far better than any words we can write, so we would like to share some of Lake Powell with you.



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