Pensacola Light on a Foggy Night



"The Great Horseshoe"

-----This is the bottom, or southern, 'leg' of The Great Horseshoe Route. It is a marvelous addition to the long cruise, since it gives an opportunity to smell salt water, rise and fall with tides, and munch on marvelous seafood.


-----One of the finest stretches of the GIWW, in our opinion, all the way from Mexico to Florida, is the waterway between Mobile Bay and Apalachicola. The sugar-white sands of the Gulf lie between the waterway and the Gulf, protecting the passage from storm waves and the shoal waters of the Gulf. Those same sugar sands are ideal for holding an anchor or a deck chair. They tempt cruisers for a lazy afternoon or overnight "on the beach." In some choice anchorages, such as Big Lagoon right beside the channel into Pensacola Bay, the dunes rise to such a height as to block strong south or southeasterlies and give perfect protection in a blow.


-----Navigation can be tricky, at times. We have had friends on two different occasions, miss a navigation mark and slam into a submerged sand bank. Both times, there was a cost. Once in dollars for torn props and shredded rudder and the other time in a potential concussion when the First Mate was thrown into a table down below by the collision.


Navigation error can be costly           The Keeper of the Mark


----- -----------Laughing Gull ------------            An Easy Passage Through the Sand


Plenty of History Along This Coast.  Geronimo was Incarcerated Here!


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