The Fearsome Foursome



-----A twenty-two-foot boat is a small boat. There are those who think it is too small for two people to comfortably cruise for extended periods -- so how about four persons? -- for five weeks? -- in Alaska?


There are lots of pictures so you may need to click the refresh button a few times if you don't have high-speed -- it's worth it!


- -----iIn July, 2006 my father and I drove up to Prince Rupert, BC to join my grandparents on their boat, Halcyon, for five weeks of cruising in Alaska. Yep, it was cozy. I slept on a cot in the cockpit, and I was snug as a bug in a rug! Halcyon has a 'camper back' covering the top and sides of the cockpit, so it was like being in a floating tent.

- -----iDad slept on the cabin floor, on an air mattress, and was comfy (he said -- and he sure slept well, so I guess he was). My grandparents slept in their usual v-berth. So all were fine (except Grandpa, sometimes, can sure snore!).

- -----iDuring the day, there was no problem with space -- there were three seats in the cabin, and Dad and I could share one -- or I curled up in the v-berth sometimes with my games or a movie on my "electronic gizmo," as Grandpa called it.

Me, And My PSP

- -----iGrandpa let me do a lot of the driving, and I really enjoyed that. It was tough watching for logs in the water, but he kept a sharp eye over my shoulder.

Capt. Bryce at the Helm, Sir!

- -----Of course, we ate well, with Grandma doing most of the cooking and Chris, my friend on Rana Verde, often doing a grilled dinner for us all.

Notice, there are five for our steak dinner!

(Of course, you might also notice that my steak is already gone -- kids know about 'first things first')

- -----iAnother thing I learned about travel on Halcyon. We eat out whenever we can, and that's part of the fun. Walking up into a town and finding a good place for a meal. And, man, did we eat!

Now, There's a Meal for a Kid!


Only Better Might be a Pizza with boating friends!! (Notice what looks like a beer in front of me. Well, it is! After all, we're in Alaska, and up here us kids drink beer!

Well, Weinhard's Root Beer (or Cream Soda -- both are my favorites)

- -----iWhile in town scouting out a restaurant, we checked out the library. Now, my home is Tucson, and believe me, we don't have signs like that in our hometown library!

- -----iI learned a lot about living aboard. Sure, it was a bit crowded, but never a problem. We learned to easily walk around each other -- and Dad was a great help acting as a shower!

- -----iIt didn't get dark much in Alaska since it was summer. But, sometimes, when we stayed up late, we'd get in some heavy competition with UNO. Grandma's good!

See What I Mean? Grandma has one card and don't even look at my hand

You Know Those T-shirts that say, "My Folks Went to Alaska, and all I got was this T-shirt"? Well, I Went to Alaska, and Look at the Great T-shirt I got!

- -----iSo, what did we do all day? Well, some days I went fishing (often with my friend, Chris). That was one of the best things about the trip.


Looks Like Tucson, Right?


Now There's A Fish



- -----iAnd some days we pulled crab pots. Although we didn't get many crabs, we sure had some other critters in the pot.


A Halibut?


The Catchers and the Cooking. "What do you think? Good Enough To Eat, Bryce?" Lip Smacking Good!


An Award From Grandma


Somedays I Fished with Grandma; Other Times We Went Wading -- in ALASKA -- brrr! -Grandma's Tough!


A Kid Can Always Find A Swing

- -----iOne of my favorite activites was rowing the dinghy around -- sometimes fishing, other times to get to shore, and sometimes just to hang around on the water.


- -----iI learned about some of the native cultures, also. We visited several totem parks.


Strong Man Totem and the Watchman

- -----iNow for a few other activities. We just happened to land in Wrangell for the 4th of July (good timing, Grandpa). I had some fun with a can of blue string spray -- Happy 4th!


Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma - All Decorated for the Fourth

My Turn! Fair is Fair

- -----iAnd, Dad and I became famous in the egg-tossing contest. We got all the way to the finals!


Farther, f-a-r-t-h-e-r, -f - a - r - t - h - e - r, ---if---ia---ir---it---ih---ie---is---it


Good Technique, eh? Just Stay Calm! Grandma's Technique -- Sqoooosh!

- ----At the logging show, they mounded up huge piles of sawdust and hid money in the piles!! Felt like I was (sorta) mining for gold in Alaska -- anyway, I made a pile and it was fun. Some of the coins were even gold!


--- ----And of course the fireworks display was incredible.


-- ----There's lots more to talk about, like whales, orcas, porcupines, bears, starfish, a jet boat ride up the Stikine, and those quiet things I'll always remember about a great time together with my Dad and grandparents --Four on a Boat!



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