Maine C-Dogs



-----C-Dory owners in Maine are a hardy and happy lot. Well they should be -- they live in some of the finest summer cruising grounds on the planet.

-----Two "from away" C-Dorys joined with two natives and we had a great time together in August and September 2002. We had a lobster luncheon and then cruised about 900 miles together, as two- or threesomes. We had a great time.


-----There aren't many C-Dory's on the Maine coast, but two of the known three natives, plus a few "from away" C-Dorys, gathered for a luncheon and some coastal cruising. After some e-mailing back and forth through the C-Dory owner's site, we settled on a time and a place to gather - The Kennebec Tavern and Marina (note the excellent combination of activities in that site) in Bath, Maine. At the appointed time, three C-Dory families gathered around some good Full Sail Summer Ale (Maine brewery) and lobster rolls. We shared libations, lobster, charts, books, timing and places for cruising, and a few tall tales. In short, a Great Gathering.


Down East C-Dory Crews (Bill, Rick, Carol, El, Linus, and Bonnie)

Another Lunch (El, Rick, and Fred)


Rick - Linus

Fred & Bowie

El (and Bill)



Miss Ginna (Linus and Bonnie) - Tom Cat (Fred & Bowie)


Hunky Dory (Rick and Carol) - Halcyon (El and Bill)

Bufflehead (Dave and Sue)




Miss Ginna and Halcyon - Halcyon and Hunky Dory (Oregon meets Maine)


Hunky Dory, Halcyon, and Tom Cat - Halcyon and Tom Cat

Sightseeing in front of the HMS Bounty

- -

Rounding the Points

Pemiquid Light and Hunky Dory

Cruising On

Swinging Bridges

Anchoring (Up and Down)

- -

Linus - Rick - Bill



Fogged In

Ah, Maine Memories


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