Sharing the Waterway with the Big Boys



----Big, saltwater ships move through the Delta to the Ports of Sacramento and Stockton. It's a good idea to monitor the commercial VHF frequencies of 12 and 13, as well as the hailing channels 09 and 16 to be aware of the presence of these huge, silent, impressive vessels.



----- The Delta is fresh water slowly becoming brackish near Pittsburg, depending upon the amount of runoff in the rivers. Tows and barges operate on the main sloughs of the Delta, but - surprise - Stockton and Sacramento are deep-water 'ocean' ports. Channels dredged in 1933 and 1963 respectively allow deep water 'salties' access to these inland towns, via Pacific Ocean, through the Golden Gate, across the Bays, and up the dredged rivers.


----- As though to remind us of the Delta's link to the ocean, rivers and sloughs are tidal to the heads of navigation. The tidal range was about four feet during the time of our visit, enough to be considered when anchoring in shallow sloughs.


The High and the Low


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