Marshland Beauty



----Nature thrives in the Delta. Fish, and the birds that prey on them, are abundant. Turtles, snakes, amphibians, seals, land mammals, and plants make a great kaleidoscope of natural beauty.



-We aren't fishermen, but the smiles on some of the faces of the fishermen in the Delta tell the story.


-----One does not expect to find 'islands' of mud, covered with tules and other vegetation, in the middle of a canal. Yet, most dredged waterways in the Delta have 'berm islands' in their center. This results from dredging off the levees. The clam buckets can only reach so far out into the channel, thus leaving an undredged center. The deepest water for cruising is usually along the dredged edges of the sloughs, and the shallowest for anchoring, in the middle.

Levee, on left, Berm Island on right

------Veggies choke the waterways late in the season. Hyacinths and aquarium 'weeds' wrap props and foul water intakes if the skipper isn't cautious. Whole 'islands' of 'veggies,' sometimes complete with shrubs and trees, float down the channels.




Beauty, Near and Far


----- Our first contact with the California Delta was negative. Now, after an intimate, out-of-season experience, we believe we have savored the real essence of the place: It is unique. It is full of marvelous surprises - most of them good ones.


Delta Humor


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