El's Childhood Cruising Grounds


-----We came down the Hudson River from Kingston to Long Island Sound and Connecticut. Consequently, we didn't use any of the ramps here.

-----We did discover, however, that the cost of cruising in Connecticut is the highest we have seen yet. Marinas charge outlandishly high rates for an overnight transient stay, if they have space. Most of the coves are filled with moorings leaving little or no room for a transient boat to anchor. So, although there is nice water and there are many interesting towns to visit, it is difficult for a non-resident cruising boater to travel this coast.


-----When we left Kingston, on the Hudson, we debated about our future route. "Let's keep going," El mused. "There's the beauty of the Hudson, the majesty of the City, and then - the best of all, Connecticut's shore." You probably can tell where El grew up.

-----"Well," I added. "There is a place called Long Island, and it has some nice harbors …"

-----Before I could finish, El interrupted. "Yes, a great shore to cruise across the Sound from Connecticut." Incorrigible.

-----"Let's meet Marty and Mel - my chums since grade school. They have a gorgeous sailboat, they're good folks, love to cruise, and…," she knows my Achilles heel, "…they know all the great restaurants."

-----So we did. We had a great time pottering around Long Island Sound in tandem. We anchored just around the point from Noroton Yacht Club, where El did her sailing as a kid. "There's that rock we slammed in the dinghy race on July 4th. We used to jump off that pier at low tide - that was a thriller. Oh, and that's the bay where I submarined my Dyer dink on Race Day. And over there, …"

-----We had a delightful time, reliving old times sipping sundowners in the cockpit with friends of long standing. We cruised the Housatonic River, hooked in Ziegler's, Conscience, and Scott's Cove, and poked about the bays and harbors.





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