The King


Launch: Long Cove Launch Ramp, off Langford Creek of the Chester River. Small fee for launching. We left the truck and trailer at a local friend's field. Or launch at Chestertown Marina ramp, and leave your truck and trailer there.

Nearby campsites:One can launch at Chestertown Marina, and stay on board the boat at the marina -- showers, facilities, and restaurant on the site. -

Comments: The Eastern Shore has some of the finest cruising on Chesapeake Bay.



An Ancient Critter -- Gastropod over 200 million years old

--- -A cruise along the Eastern Shore is an experience shared with the native local residents, and they are great companions. There are ducks, geese, swans, osprey, owls, herons, eagles and small shorebirds to watch. The forests and fields bordering the water are alive with resident and migrant birds. Mammals, such as deer, red fox, opossums and raccoons, patrol the strands at dawn and dusk. There are special places, like the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge at the lower Chester River, which retains much of the ecologic diversity of the Chesapeake, from pine forests to meadows to tidal wetlands. The refuge even has an informative visitor center, raised viewing platforms and walking trails.


Buzzard Cousins-- The Black Vulture and the more common T.V. (Turkey Vulture) [the folks with the red heads]

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Osprey, our special friend, the Great Blue Heron, and a Water Snake

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Mute Swan (a non-native, controversial since he displaces native swans and destroys habitat), a Crow and Horseshoe Crab

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More Non-natives - George and Penny, Dun and Becky, El and Bill- -- -Yum! -- -- - -El and Bill Munching- -


--- -A sense of place is best depicted by photographs rather than words, we believe. The following scenes we consider characteristic of the Eastern Shore.



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