Dreaming of an Island Home?


CCruising on a boat often means that some of our friends live on an island, so visiting friends often has a different set of surroundings than 'ordinary' folks share.

Center Island

CWe had an invitation from Jeff and Christy to join them, and their family and friends, at their vacation home on Center Island. Before we moved onto a boat, we had considered the possibility of retirement on an island home in the San Juans. Here was an opportunity to sample that life.

CSome of the residents arrive by water taxi, others on their boats. Some of the nearby islands have a State Ferry Service. Hosts and residents who arrive on their boats, tie (or raft up) at the private docks outside the home.


At the Dock

CShortly after arrival, we were greeted on the dock by our hosts. The libations generously flowed and the laughing reunion began. How nice to be greeted on a dock, or to be the greeters of friends on your dock, with the warm sunshine, the reflections from the water, and the singing of birds in the trees. The warmth of friendship seems amplified with such a setting.


CTransportation on an island is often quite different from that on the mainland. We were soon given a tour of Center Island by Jeff and Chris, with sustenance in hand and vehicles (and hostess) adorned with Fourth of July colors.



CThe views are magnificent, especially when they include boats at the end of the dock or ladies at the end of the porch.


CWith a wave and a smile from the hosts, we headed off to a sunset anchorage and a few tentative pre-Fourth fireworks from the island folks. A great day shared with great folks.



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