Launch: Squalicum Harbor has an excellent ramp.

Nearby campsites: Larrabee State Park is a few miles distant

Comments: This was the another great gathering in Bellingham, co-ordinated by those marvelous smiling hosts Ruth and Joe.

The Host and Hostess

Joe and Ruth - Always With a Pleasant Smile

---\The Bellingham Gathering has become a classic C-Dory social event - NW folks look forward to it every year. The location is great, the hosts are wonderful, the pot-luck at the Yacht Club has become a fine tradition, and the attendees (of course) are all the greatest. We used to think Garrison Keiler was stretching it by saying "the kids are all above average" at Lake Woe-Be-Gone, but now we know he wasn't - C-Dory owners (and their families) are all above average."

---\-o Now, Isn't That C-Dory Kid "Above Average"

-\ \--\

More Smiles

Sea-Sport Bar Tenders


What a Pot Luck Dinner!


---\A great time was had by all!!

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