El and Bill have been 'water people' since childhood. El's love was sailing, racing small boats on Long Island Sound. Bill enjoyed canoeing, especially long down-river and white water trips.

After they married, over 50 years ago, El introduced Bill to the joy of sailing. They owned sailboats most of their married lives, and Bill coached a New England prep. school sailing team to win the New England Championships. Bill introduced El to river travel and together they ran down-river and white water trips all over the country, in canoes, rafts, and sport-yaks. Bill ran University rafting trips through the Grand Canyon for over ten years, and down many other western white water rivers. Together they paddled down rivers throughout the US and Canada.

In 1985, after the last of their kids went off to college, they paddled together for two months in a double kayak down the Missouri River. They had such a great time together, they decided to quit their teaching jobs and travel, on land and water. They cruised the Great Loop in 1991 in 20-foot Flicka sailboat. In 2001, they purchased a 22-foot C-Dory Cruiser and have since traveled over 25,000 miles living aboard. They have cruised all three coasts, many lakes, and down all Corps-designated navigable rivers in the US except one. This websites shares the experience of living aboard a small boat and cruising America’s waterways.

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